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There are four stem types of animate nouns: NA …(links to NA1-4 pages)


Regular Stem:

kwāpahikan- “ladle”

[Note: -im could optionally be added to the base stem of all possessed NAs]

form Cree word English translation
singular kwāpahikan ladle
1s nikwāpahikan my ladle
2s kikwāpahikan your (sg) ladle
1p nikwāpahikaninān our (excl) ladle
21 kikwāpahikaninaw our (incl) ladle
2p kikwāpahikaniwāw your (pl) ladle
plural kwāpahikanak ladles
1s nikwāpahikanak my ladles
2s kikwāpahikanak your (sg) ladles
1p nikwāpahikaninānak our (excl) ladles
21 kikwāpahikaninawak our (incl) ladles
2p kikwāpahikaniwāwak your (pl) ladles
obviative kwāpahikana ladle(s)
1s nikwāpahikana my ladle(s)
2s kikwāpahikana your (sg) ladle(s)
1p nikwāpahikanināna our (excl) ladle(s)
21 kikwāpahikaninawa our (incl) ladle(s)
2p kikwāpahikaniwāwa your (pl) ladle(s)
3s okwāpahikana his/her ladle(s)
3p okwāpahikaniwāwa their ladle(s)
4 okwāpahikaniýiwa (an)other’s ladle(s)
locative kwāpahikanihk in the ladle(s)
1s nikwāpahikanihk in my ladle(s)
2s kikwāpahikanihk in your (sg) ladle(s)
1p nikwāpahikanināhk in our (excl) ladle(s)
21 kikwāpahikanināhk in our (incl) ladle(s)
2p kikwāpahikaniwāhk in your (pl) ladle(s)
3s okwāpahikanihk in his/her ladle(s)
3p okwāpahikaniwāhk in their ladle(s)
4 okwāpahikaniýihk in (an)other’s ladle(s)
dim kwāpahikanis small ladle


Vowel-Glide (VG) Stem:

aýapiy- “net”

[Note: -im is very commonly added to animate nouns in the possessive]

form Cree word English translation
singular aýapiy net
1s nitaýapīm my net
2s kitayapīm your (sg) net
1p nitaýapīminān our (excl) net
21 kitaýapīminaw our (incl) net
2p kitaýapīmiwāw your (pl) net
plural aýapiyak nets
1s nitaýapīmak my nets
2s kitaýapīmak your (sg) nets
1p nitaýapīminānak our (excl) nets
21 kitaýapīminawak our (incl) nets
2p kitaýapīmiwāwak your (pl) nets
obviative aýapiya net(s)
1s nitaýapīma my net(s)
2s kitaýapīma your (sg) net(s)
1p nitaýapīmināna our (excl) net(s)
21 kitaýapīminawa our (incl) net(s)
2p kitaýapīmiwāwa your (pl) net(s)
3s otaýapīma his/her net(s)
3p otaýapīmiwāwa their net(s)
4 otaýapīmiýiwa (an)other’s net(s)
locative aýapīhk in the net(s)
1s nitaýapīmihk in my ladle(s)
2s kitaýapīmihk in your (sg) ladle(s)
1p nitaýapīmināhk in our (excl) net(s)
21 kitaýapīmināhk in our (incl) net(s)
2p kitaýapīmiwāhk in your (pl) net(s)
3s otaýapīmihk in his/her net(s)
3p otaýapīmiwāhk in their net(s)
4 otaýapīmiýihk in (an)other’s net(s)
dim aýapīs small net


Consonant-/w/ (Cw) Stem:

kotawānāpiskw- “stove”

[Note: -im is common with animate nouns, but optional here]

form Cree word English translation
singular kotawānāpisk stove
1s nikotawānāpisk(om) my stove
2s kikotawānāpisk(om) your (sg) stove
1p nikotawānāpisko(mi)nān our (excl) stove
21 kikotawānāpisko(mi)naw our (incl) stove
2p kikotawānāpisko(mi)wāw your (pl) stove
plural kotawānāpiskwak stoves
1s nikotawānāpisk(w/om)ak my stoves
2s kikotawānāpisk(w/om)ak your (sg) stoves
1p nikotawānāpisko(mi)nānak our (excl) stoves
21 kikotawānāpisko(mi)nawak our (incl) stoves
2p kikotawānāpisko(mi)wāwak your (pl) stoves
obviative kotawānāpiskwa stove(s)
1s nikotawānāpisk(w/om)a my stove(s)
2s kikotawānāpisk(w/om)a your (sg) stove(s)
1p nikotawānāpisko(mi)nāna our (excl) stove(s)
21 kikotawānāpisko(mi)nawa our (incl) stove(s)
2p kikotawānāpisko(mi)wāwa your (pl) stove(s)
3s okotawānāpisk(w/om)a his/her stove(s)
3p okotawānāpisko(mi)wāwa their stove(s)
4 okotawānāpisko(mi)ýiwa (an)other’s stove(s)
locative kotawānāpiskohk in the stove(s)
1s nikotawānāpisko(mi)hk in my stove(s)
2s kikotawānāpisko(mi)hk in your (sg) stove(s)
1p nikotawānāpisko(mi)nāhk in our (excl) stove(s)
21 kikotawānāpisko(mi)nāhk in our (incl) stove(s)
2p kikotawānāpisko(mi)wāhk in your (pl) stove(s)
3s okotawānāpisko(mi)hk in his/her stove(s)
3p okotawānāpisko(mi)wāhk in their stove(s)
4 okotawānāpisko(mi)ýihk in (an)other’s stove(s)
dim kocawānāpiskos small stove


Single-Syllable (1σ) Stem:

kēhtē-ay- “Elder”

[Note: animate nouns referring to people, animals, etc., don’t occur in the locative]

form Cree word English translation
singular kēhtē-aya Elder
1s nikēhtē-ayim my Elder
2s kikēhtē-ayim your (sg) Elder
1p nikēhtē-ayiminān our (excl) Elder
21 kikēhtē-ayiminaw our (incl) Elder
2p kikēhtē-ayimiwāw your (pl) Elder
plural kēhtē-ayak Elders
1s nikēhtē-ayimak my Elders
2s kikēhtē-ayimak your (sg) Elders
1p nikēhtē-ayiminānak our (excl) Elders
21 kikēhtē-ayiminawak our (incl) Elders
2p kikēhtē-ayimiwāwak your (pl) Elders
obviative kēhtē-aya Elder(s)
1s nikēhtē-ayima my Elder(s)
2s kikēhtē-ayima your (sg) Elder(s)
1p nikēhtē-ayimināna our (excl) Elder(s)
21 kikēhtē-ayiminawa our (incl) Elder(s)
2p kikēhtē-ayimiwāwa your (pl) Elder(s)
3s okēhtē-ayima his/her Elder(s)
3p okēhtē-ayimiwāwa their Elder(s)
4 okēhtē-ayimiýiwa (an)other’s Elder(s)
locative — [not possible]
dim kēhcē-ayis dear Elder


Single-Syllable Consonant-/w/ (1σw) Stem:

ihkw- “louse”

[Note: animate nouns referring to people, animals, etc., don’t occur in the locative]

form Cree word English translation
singular ihkwa louse
1s nitihkom my louse
2s kitihkom your (sg) louse
1p nitihkominān our (excl) louse
21 kitihkominaw our (incl) louse
2p kitihkomiwāw your (pl) louse
plural ihkwak lice
1s nitihkomak my lice
2s kitihkomak your (sg) lice
1p nitihkominānak our (excl) lice
21 kitihkominawak our (incl) lice
2p kitihkomiwāwak your (pl) lice
obviative ihkwa louse/lice
1s nitihkoma my louse/lice
2s kitihkoma your (sg) louse/lice
1p nitihkomināna our (excl) louse/lice
21 kitihkominawa our (incl) louse/lice
2p kitihkomiwāwa your (pl) louse/lice
3s otihkoma his/her louse/lice
3p otihkomiwāwa their louse/lice
4 otihkomiýiwa (an)other’s louse/lice
locative — [not possible]
dim ihkosis tiny louse; nit